In the only Dark Sky Park in Denmark you can experience the clear and densely packed starry sky above Møn and Nyord. You can observe many a shooting star crossing the Milky Way. You can see the constellation and nebulas up between the stars. Time for contemplation and wonderment with the hooting of the owls in the tall trees as the only soundtrack.


For many centuries humans have been deeply fascinated by the starry sky, and we share the same fascination. Year round you can experience one of the most beautiful night skies in Denmark – just above Camp Møns Klint. It is an adventure in itself to wait for darkness to fall and for the stars to slowly appear. You get the best and clearest view of the starry sky in places with no light pollution. The Milky Way peaks according to the seasons. In the summer the nights are long which means you have to stay awake for longer if you wish to see the stars. During the winter months, you can experience the countless luminous stars early in the evening.

Møns Klint Country houses
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4791 Borre
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Dark sky at Camp Møns Klint in Denmark
Dark sky at Camp Møns Klint in Denmark