You can experience the beautiful and diverse nature on Møn on horseback all year round. It’s amazing how mesmerising horse ears can be when they calmly but surely rock from side to side in front of you. Whatever the season, horse riding is an unforgettable activity on your holiday.


Many of our guests find that horseback riding is a combination of adventure, excitement, contemplation and relaxation. Horseback riding is a large part of the area’s cultural heritage, and the joy of riding is shared by both employees at Klintholm Gods and countless guests. Every year, hundreds of guests visit us with their own horses and thus get unique holiday memories they can take home with them. In addition to the many brilliant routes suitable for riding in the area, hunting takes place annually in the historic natural landscape. The hunters start off at Klintholm Gods, just as they did a hundred years ago. They still follow a pack of dogs, but they no longer hunt wildlife but follow a scent track instead.

For guests wishing to experience a riding tour during their visit, we recommend Møn Islændercenter, which is located just 800 meters from the campsite. Here, you can book a horseback ride on an Icelandic horse and get close to nature, whether you are an experienced rider or a beginner.



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